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Things To Do In Chattanooga

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Chattanooga Segway Tours

Segway Tours provides exciting tours of Chattanooga on Segway, Bike or Walking Tours. We will share the museums, green spaces, entertainment, and tastes of Chattanooga. In addition to daily tours we can also add some fun to your next family reunion, convention, corporate meeting, or birthday party. Advance purchase highly recommended. Tours sell out quickly! We are open 7 days a week! NORTH SHORE AND COOLIDGE PARK DOWNTOWN HISTORIC TOUR NORTH SHORE AND COOLIDGE PARK Glide across the Walnut Street Bridge and take notice of the fabulous boutiques on the North Shore along Frazier Avenue. Ride along Coolidge Park and learn about the community spirit of Chattanooga. Ride through Renaissance Park and witness the restoration of the Tennessee River wetlands. Get a brief glimpse of downtown


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